Ag Sense Remote Management

AgSense White LogoThe benefit of choosing AgSense goes far beyond feature rich products. You also gain access to WagNet, a global network built specifically for the Ag industry.
WagNet stands for (Wireless Agricultural Network). What it means to you is unlimited real-time remote management for many operations around your farm. Remote management will reduce labor and energy cost, reduce risk and assist in productivity gains. All this will lead to greater profitability.

Agronomic Software
These reports are available in aggregate form, showing your whole farm on one report. Your data can be exported into various third party agronomic software programs to be merged and analyzed with other information from the same field. Better information equals better decisions.

Field Commander

WagNet not only tells where you are and where you are going – powerful reporting tells you where you have been. Comprehensive and customizable historical reports are available under the Reports tab on your device page.

Ease of Use
WagNet has a simple, easy to understand user interface that makes it possible to monitor and control all your Field Commander and Crop Link devices from virtually anywhere in the world. WagNet features Google Maps™ and user configurable alarms that put you in control of when, why and who should be notified when a problem occurs.

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