• Hydrostatic Drive

    Hydrostatic Drive

    Continuous movement means extended gear life.
  • Low Pivot Maintenance

    Low Pivot Maintenance

    T-L’s pivot irrigation systems are constructed with high-strength truss rods and a double tower-leg design.
  • GPS Navigation

    GPS Navigation

    T-L’s GPS Navigation Corner System is the ultimate in design simplicity.
  • Hydrostatically Powered

    Hydrostatically Powered

    T-L pivot systems are hydrostatically powered for continuous movement.

Some of our services:Pivot System

  • Complete Design & Build Projects
  • Web Services & Telemetry
  • RTK Level Design & Mapping (GPS)
  • Project Management Services
  • Pivot Control & Management
  • Light Fabrication & Pump and Pipe Fitting
  • Welding of steel, aluminum & stainless
  • Weather Stations
  • Soil Moisture Monitoring
  • Flow Measurement
  • Humidity Measurements
  • Wind Speed Measurement

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The Irrigation Association is the leading membership organization for irrigation companies and professionals. Together with their members, they are committed to promoting efficient irrigation and the long-term sustainability of water resources for future generations.